Book tip: "Twenty-One Truths About Love" by Matthew Dicks

Book Tip

"Twenty-One Truths About Love" by Matthew Dicks

Though I write a weekly column called Rick's List, which theoretically includes a "list" of something, it's hard to imagine a novel comprised entirely of lists. How would the author manage a narrative arc? Character development? Avoid monotony or fend off skeptical readers sneering at perceived gimmickry? Just, once, trust me: Newington, Connecticut, author Dicks ("Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend," "The Perfect Comeback of Carolyn Jacobs") has written a heartfelt, very funny love story wherein narrator Dan, a husband/would-be-Dad/in-over-his-head-bookstore owner attempts to cope with his crumbling world via the therapeutic exercise of writing lists. Some are to-do lists, some are real-world observation lists, some are fantasies, and some are more philosophical. But Dicks pulls it all off. "Twenty-One Truths About Love" will captivate and entertain you from List #1.


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