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Book tip: "A Season with the Witch" by J.W. Ocker

Book tip

A Season with the Witch

J.W. Ocker

Only 264 days till Halloween! Yes, that's too far away, even for me. And yet ... I've been reading "A Season with the Witch" by J.W. Ocker, wherein he describes spending an entire October in Salem, Mass., aka The Witch City — and of course a community that hosts Haunted Happenings, a month-long celebration of the community's sorta greasy history of putting several humans to death for witchery. As one who's taken many out-of-town visitors to Salem during Haunted Happenings, I am profoundly jealous of Ocker. Not only did he have the idea to experience every possible aspect of Haunted Happenings and write a book about it all, but he also took his entire family as part of the fun. He got PAID for this. But he's funny as hell; comes up with historical and cultural and civic angles that go well beyond the surface, "every day's Halloween" tourist focus; and is a fluidly great writer. Keep this book in mind as summer winds down and October appears, teasingly, on the horizon.  


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