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Book tip: "Hannah's War," Jan Eliasberg

Book tip

Hannah's War

Jan Eliasberg

A few years ago, author Jan Eliasberg read a clip that appeared in the New York Times on the day American forces dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. One sentence alluded to an unnamed female, non-Aryan physicist without whose work on molecular fission the bomb could not have been made. Eliasberg found the woman's identity and subsequently, using a lot of biographical data and some wonderful imagination, crafted a story that combines espionage, one-and-a-half love stories and a disturbing element of hatred and discrimination with eerie similarities to our own world — all wrapped up in an irresistible narrative about yet another titanic woman mostly forgotten by history. Meet Eliasberg on March 24 when she's guest of honor at our next Book of The Day event at Bank Square Books in Mystic.


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