'White Chicks' star Marlon Wayans headlines Foxwoods Sunday

Marlon Wayans has been starring in comedy films since 1988, though most probably remember him from “White Chicks,” “Little Man” and “Scary Movie.” Besides those major blockbusters, Wayans has also been non-stop in his acting/screenwriting/producing/comedy career. He just signed on for a second season of his NBC sitcom “Marlon” and recently starred in the hit Netflix movie “Naked,” which premiered on the streaming site last August.

It was just in February, however, when Wayans taken another significant step in the comedy world with his first Netflix standup special “Woke-ish." And since, with the show's widely acclaimed success, Wayans has been touring the country, booking back-to-back performances, debuting variations of that standup show. On Sunday, then, he’ll be headlining at Foxwoods.

During his routine on Netflix, Wayans nimbly cracks jokes on racism, hip-hop, gay rights, and raising kids, as well as on himself. He often uses the microphone as a prop in hilariously inappropriate ways. So parents, take heed, this show is definitely not suitable for younger viewers but will most likely keep you entertained the whole way through.

Marlon Wayans, 7 p.m., Sunday, Foxwoods' Fox Theater; $37; 1-800-200-2882.


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