Food tip: Hot dogs K's Kart

Food tip

K’s Kart

Corner of Colman and Broad, New London

Hot dogs would be appreciated more if they were seen as a culinary canvas. Chicagoans understand this as they not only put the usual condiments on their dogs but load it up with onions, a pickle, tomatoes, peppers and celery salt. If you think that’s going to an extreme, then you haven’t tried one. One recent day, I stopped by the hot dog stand at the corner of Colman and Broad in New London. When Karen, the owner, told me she had beer-steamed sauerkraut, I told her to pile it on two dogs. I grabbed a bag of chips and a drink and, for $8.50, got a delicious and affordable lunch. It was a long way from Chicago but a nice upgrade from a summer of mustard and relish.




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