Toasty, sweet greatness at Norm's

Cinnamon swirl pancakes

Norm's Diner, Groton

First important thing: these miracles are not on the regular menu. Therefore, do not read this, drop everything you're doing, and shatter land speed records getting to Norm's. Most likely, you'll find them on the Weekend Specials board. Two giant creations are served on a platter, overlapping, and have the bird's eye structural components one associates with cinnamon rolls. What happens is that a butter/cinnamon mixture is twirled into the pancake batter as it gets all toasty on the griddle. In the process, the sauce crystallizes into a hot, gooey tar of sorcery. Finally, a sleet-field of cream cheese icing is ladled on top. The presentation includes a second plate festooned with two eggs and a choice of home fries or hash browns — all for $9.95. Do not be surprised if you order a second batch.


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