Food tip: Chicken Bites, The Social, New London

Food tip

Chicken bites

The Social, New London

The variations of the chicken "bite," "finger" or "nugget" appetizer are plentiful — insofar as a creative chef can spin a bit of boneless breast. At the Social, I'm hooked on their bites with a dipping vat of their Alabama White barbecue sauce. The platter ($10, works as a whole meal) contains a heap of seasoned and flash-crisped white meat tidbits with a lightly oiled lacquer. Very tasty, but the addition of the Alabama White — which is mayo-based with nudges of horseradish, paprika and pepper — is the killer touch. Several other sauces are available, too, but I've seen no need to try them as long as the Bama elixir is available.


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