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At Bomb Burritos & Bowls, the food is fresh and flavorful

Editor's note: This version corrects the spelling of Burritos in the venue's name.

The young staff behind the counter at Bomb Burritos & Bowls could not be more energetic and helpful. On our first visit, when we hesitated while reviewing the menu board, a young woman identified us as newbies and called out, “Is this your first visit?”

“Yes,” we replied. 

“Well, we will walk you through it,” she said.

On my second visit, when I brought a friend who hadn’t visited before, the same thing happened again. A cheerful counter worker zeroed in on my guest and asked if it was his first time.

“Yes, I’m a virgin,” he proclaimed, and she quickly guided him along. 

It’s a simple science at this eatery, kind of like dining at a Subway. Use the overhead menu board for guidance, look at the options through the glass-windowed display case, and answer the prompts from the helpful staff behind the counter.

Their first question is, bowl or burrito? Both are $12 and heaping big portions. If you ask for double protein, or extras like guacamole or queso, the price will climb, but most end up in the $15-$16 range.

The next decision is your rice — white, brown or riced cauliflower? Then your beans — black or pinto? After that, you pick your protein. Choices include shredded beef, spiced and seared chicken, grilled pork loin, or the vegan chorizo. That sounds like a misnomer, but yes, there is soy-based crumbled “chorizio” that’s a little smokey with a medium spice.

The whole process is a bit like an assembly line, with staff making your bowl or burrito as you move down the line and watch. Next comes the toppings, including what Bomb calls Chonk Salsas — pico de gallo, fire-roasted corn and cabbage, or pineapple cilantro.

But there are still decisions to be made. Pickled red onions? Fresno chilis? Spicey carrots? You pick and choose.

Fajita veggies? Squash? How about Roasty Boiz? The later are whole roasted garlic cloves.

Want to try a topping to see if you like it? They’ll give you a sample.

The cold options include cucumbers, chilis, chopped cilantro, shredded cheese, lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and crushed blue corn tortilla chips.

Then comes the finale. The sauce that seeps through all of it and makes everything more delicious.

Bomb is the signature, and it’s described as medium heat with smokey, citrusy goodness. The tomatillo sauce is super zesty with little to no spice. But if you are looking for a kick, Mean Bean is for you, a creamy black bean vinaigrette, with high heat and earthy tones.

You’ve reached the end of the line. The waitstaff is rolling your burrito or topping your bowl, and the only decision now is whether you want chips and what you want to drink.

Employees told us that Bomb is planning to launch house-made margaritas to go soon, but for now there are non-alcoholic options.

Bomb opened last April and has already expanded to Bomb Next Door, which makes pick up easy for take-home orders. The owners are Dan Latimer and Chad Bauerle, who have worked in other local restaurants.

The place was very busy both times we visited, once for dinner and again for lunch, and the service was fast, efficient and friendly. The food was fresh and flavorful both visits. They heat the flour tortillas before they build your burrito, and when you unwrap the foil covering, it takes two hands to hoist up that warm roll of lusciousness.

If you haven’t visited, Bomb Burrito, near Dunns Corners in Westerly, is worth the visit.


Bomb Burritos & Bowls

240 Post Road, Westerly, RI 


Find them on Facebook and Instagram by searching on their name.

Atmosphere: This place is predominantly take-out, but there are four tables inside, and it’s entertaining to dine in-house and watch the steady stream of customers move along the assembly line to get their grub. They’re located in a strip mall next to a doughnut shop.

Alcohol: Not yet (see more below)

Hours: Monday to Thursday 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-8 p.m.

Prices: Bowls and burritos are $12; add a buck or two for extras like cauliflower rice, queso, guacamole, or extra meat.

Credit cards: Yes.

Handicapped accessibility: Yes.

Outdoor seating: No, not unless you count sitting in your car, which we did see some customers doing.



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