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2019 ECC award winners / lacrosse and girls' tennis



First team — Attack: Caleb Holdridge (Waterford), James McCoy (East Lyme), Rob Swenson (East Lyme); Midfield: Kyle Jacobson (Waterford), Alex Jakubczak (East Lyme), Alec Kosinski (East Lyme); Long stick midfield: Richie Galbo (East Lyme); Short stick midfield: James Hodge (Waterford); Defense: Joe Lillis (Waterford), Austin Beebe (Fitch), Tucker Mazzulli (East Lyme); Face-off specialist: Scottie Galbo (East Lyme); Goalie: Cooper Alloway (Waterford).

Honorable mention — Attack: Mason LaForte (Waterford); Midfield: James Deichler (Fitch), Geurin Favreau (Woodstock); Defense: Daniel Benjamin (NFA); Face-off specialist: Dylan Chapel (NFA).

Sportsmanship — Aiden Paterson (East Lyme), Jack Casey (Fitch), Jayden Lame (NFA), Jackson Alloway (Waterford), Zachary Douglas (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete — Ben Jakubczak (East Lyme), Will Miner (Fitch), John Bean (NFA), Alexander Fayan (Waterford), Gabe Geyer (Woodstock).


First team — Attack: Lucian Kronholm (Stonington), Dylan Heald (Bacon Academy), Noah Mocksfield (Bacon); Midfield: Scott Pion (St. Bernard/Wheeler), Kellen Paparella (Bacon), Matt Voiland (Bacon); Long stick midfield: Jonah McNaughton (Bacon); Short stick midfield: Seth Jones (St. Bernard/Wheeler); Defense: Emmett Brady (St. Bernard/Wheeler), Casey Hart (Bacon), Sean Newton (Bacon); Face-off specialist: Conor McCourt (Bacon); Goalie: Kyle Denker (Bacon).

Honorable mention: Midfield: Sean Ventresca (Montville), Christian Hudson (Stonington), Jason Consiglio (Bacon); Face-off specialist: Sawyer Kury (Montville), Goalie: Daniel Schroeder (St. Bernard/Wheeler).

Sportsmanship — Connor Sullivan (Bacon), Liam Mullin (Ledyard/Griswold), Ian Anderson (Montville), Zack Speirs (St. Bernard/Wheeler), Kyle Marino (Stonington).

Scholar-athlete — Matt Voiland (Bacon), Seth Hurt (Ledyard/Griswold), Zach Doiron (Montville), Burke Niles (St. Bernard/Wheeler), Sean Peglow (Stonington).




First team — Attack: Maggie O'Leary (Fitch), Zoe Pearse (Fitch), Arielle Johnson (Woodstock); Midfield: Julia Bates (East Lyme), Rita Sefransky (Fitch), Mackenzie Shrewsbury (NFA), Ivy Gelhaus (Woodstock), Emma Ciquera (Woodstock); Defense: Laura Agbayani (East Lyme), Sarah Christensen (East Lyme), Alyssa McIlquham (Fitch); Goalie: Maya Rose (East Lyme).

Sportsmanship — Daven Roberts (East Lyme), Valentina Silva (Fitch), Madison Stripling (NFA), Lauren Hovedstadt (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete — Erin Bauman (East Lyme), Zoe Pearse (Fitch), Kali Whitford (NFA), Emma Redfield (Woodstock).


First team — Attack: Maddie Pipech (Ledyard), Hannah Lamb (Stonington), Emma Sabbadini (Stonington); Midfield: Alexis LaPerle (Ledyard), Kate Johnson (Stonington), Kathryn Logel (Stonington), Olivia Gianakos (Waterford), Grace Briggs (Waterford); Defense: Kate English (Ledyard), Madison Cassell (Stonington), Caley Holdridge (Waterford); Goalie: Nicole Tyler (Bacon Academy).

Sportsmanship — Samantha Lovering (Bacon), Kacy Medas (Ledyard), Natalia Cullen (Stonington), Ashley Brandt (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete — Olivia Guinness (Bacon), Maddie Pipech (Ledyard), Emma Sabbadini (Stonington), Grace Briggs (Waterford)


First team — Attack: Mackenzie Ullrich (Montville), Ashley Rewers (Montville), Carly Potts (St. Bernard); Midfield: Abbie Wing (Griswold), Alexis DeLucia (Montville), Maddie Gould (Montville), Bridget Feeley (St. Bernard), Gracie Anderson (Wheeler/Grasso Tech); Defense: Emma Boccarelli (Griswold), Haley Kerwin (Montville), Nadya Murphy (New London); Goalie: Cheryann Lubin (New London).

Sportsmanship — Sydney Prezkop (Griswold), Corinne West (Killingly), Megan Rewers (Montville), Mahogany Williams (New London), Payton McCauley (St. Bernard), Kelly Duarte (Wheeler/Grasso Tech).

Scholar-athlete — Allison Gasparino (Griswold), Lauren Mayotte (Killingly), Ashley Rewers (Montville), Emilia Skrabacz (New London), Adelaide Horgan (St. Bernard), Sarah Spracklin (Wheeler/Grasso Tech).




First team — Singles: Maddie Hamm (Stonington), Samantha Cote (Fitch), Mari Ruggeri (Woodstock), Mary Kathryn Taylor (East Lyme); Doubles: Amelia Caron-Cassie Onorato (Stonington), Adeline Smith-Caitlyn Sroczenski (Woodstock), Emily Zhu-Liz Beaulieu (East Lyme).

Honorable mention — Singles: Becca Pagglioli (East Lyme), Ainsley Johnstone (Stonington); Doubles: Katie Johnstone-Chloe Morehouse (Stonington).

Sportsmanship — Emily Zhu (East Lyme), Graysen Scherer (Fitch), Kaitlin Cavanaugh (NFA), Holly Foster (Stonington), Sophia Rakovan (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete — Caroline French (East Lyme), Sneha Kumar (Fitch), Hannah Crary (NFA), Ainsley Johnstone (Stonington), Caitlyn Sroczenski (Woodstock).


First team — Singles: Sabrina Berard (Killingly), Abby Dirico (Ledyard), Cassandra Cannon (New London), Lauren O'Donnell (St. Bernard); Doubles: Angela Dielli-Anika Jannatul (Waterford), Mackenzie Chatelle-Allison Levesque (Killingly), Jessica Juoni-Jillian Rezendes (Ledyard).

Honorable mention — Singles: Autumn Brothers (Waterford), Hayley Wheeler (Waterford); Doubles: Jennifer LeBlanc-Kasey Kirchhoff (Waterford).

Sportsmanship — Mackenzie Chatelle (Killingly), Hannah Battle (Ledyard), Karea Gabriel (New London), Sarah Engel (St. Bernard), Mia Carfi (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete — Allison Levesque (Killingly), Lilia Burdo (Ledyard), Cassandra Cannon (New London), Madeleine Brady (St. Bernard), Micky Green (Waterford).


First team — Singles: Anna Slopak (NFA), Paige Raposo (NFA), Rachel Liang (Montville), Kaitlin Cavanaugh (NFA); Doubles: Kayla Heath-Kaitlyn Mackiewicz (Lyman Memorial), Natalie Dionne-Madison Minski (NFA).

Honorable mention — Singles: Amber Peterson (Windham/Windham Tech).

Sportsmanship — Abigail Boislard (Bacon Academy), Hannah Rhodes (Lyman), Michelle Kwong (Montville), Kaitlin Cavanaugh (NFA), Karen de Los Santos (Windham/Windham Tech).

Scholar-athlete — Grace Palmer (Bacon), Kayla Boone (Lyman), Rachel Liang (Montville), Hanna Crary (NFA), Dayshalee Torres (Windham/Windham Tech).


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