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ECC award winners / fall 2020

Following is a list of 2020 Eastern Connecticut Conference fall sportsmanship and scholar-athlete award winners (the conference did not select all-conference teams due to the disparity of games and not all school participated in the selection of awards):

Cross country (girls)

Sportsmanship: Caylin Davids (Bacon Academy), Julia Dewey (East Lyme), Kendall Larkin (Griswold), Zahra Herbert (Ledyard), Maddie Gould (Montville), Nathalie Rosa (New London), Ella Kryzwicki (NFA), Kiera O'Brien (Tourtellotte), Sophie Marcille (Waterford), Miranda Pabst (Wheeler), Leah Castle (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Delaney Lima (Bacon), Mannat Kadian (East Lyme), Alexis Lewis (Griswold), Clare Inyang (Ledyard), Felicia Bower (Montville), Sophie Holdridge (New London), Tessa Hospod (NFA), Talhia Smith (Tourtellotte), Sarah Johnson (Waterford), Lucy Smith (Wheeler), Stella DiPippo (Woodstock).

Cross country (boys)

Sportsmanship: Dan Blanda (Bacon Academy), Magnum Brandt (East Lyme), Simon Choi (Fitch), Logan Benoit (Griswold), Hayden Baber (Ledyard), Jack Brehler (Montville), Ethan Melville (New London), Ibrahim Hasson (NFA), Brayden Cutler (Tourtellotte), Erik Carlson (Waterford), Ruy Fernandez (Wheeler), Seamus Lippy (Woodstock)

Scholar-athlete: Luke Maynard (Bacon), Ethan Cooper (East Lyme), Ian Weigel (Fitch), Nate Moore (Griswold), Connor Doran (Ledyard), Ethan Thomas (Montville), Zach Verranault (New London), Tim lee (NFA), Brayden Cutler (Tourtellotte), Sean Corman (Waterford), Benjamin Dobley (Wheeler), John Peabody (Woodstock).

Field hockey

Sportsmanship: Caroline Real (East Lyme), Julianna Morrissette (Killingly), Lauren Friedrich (NFA), Lexi Myers (Waterford), Olivia Ott (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Korea Lovdahl (East Lyme), Mackenzie Farquhar (Killingly), Norah Gallagher (NFA), Paige Walstra (Waterford), Alexia Adams (Woodstock).

Soccer (boys)

Sportsmanship: Ian Sargent (Bacon Academy), James O'Connor (East Lyme), Noah Urena (Griswold), Ethan Lackner (Killingly), Mike Epperson (Ledyard), Morgun Whittaker (Montville), Luke Wester (New London), Micah Tarlton (NFA), Alexander Nachtigall (Tourtellotte), Casey White (Waterford), Grant Colsen (Wheeler), Colin Smith (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Owen Burton (Bacon), Connor Daugherty (East Lyme), Logan Richards (Griswold), Kevin Rice (Killingly), Blake McLeod (Ledyard), Stephen Duhamel (Montville), Sebastien Jean Michel (New London), Jareth Tosses (NFA), John Steglitz (Tourtellotte), Connor Podeszwa (Waterford), Timothy Robarge (Wheeler), Marco Maluf (Woodstock).

Soccer (girls)

Sportsmanship: Clare Gillerlane (Bacon Academy), Caitlin O'Dea (East Lyme), Ashley Spreng (Fitch), Ava Poore (Griswold), Hannah Siegmund (Killingly), Stefie Sieling (Ledyard), Kiera MacCracken (Montville), Emily Fielding (New London), Teagan White (NFA), Rebekah Dagenais (Plainfield), Gracen Vanderswaagh (Tourtellotte), Mya Rheaume (Waterford), Marissa Perkins (Wheeler), Brynn Kuznarowis (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Shannon Hickey (Bacon), Karena Kung (East Lyme), Allison Sousa (Fitch), Madison Spinelli (Griswold), Emma Carpenter (Killingly), Ceara Gonzales (Ledyard), Elie Bowman (Montville), Emilia Skrabacz (New London), Laura Danieluk-Garcia (NFA), Hannah Price (Plainfield), Mekayla Tackson (Tourtellotte), Lillie Abramowicz (Waterford), Jessica Johnson (Wheeler), Adeline Smith (Woodstock).


Sportsmanship: Grace Liu (East Lyme), Emily Tarinelli (Fitch/Stonington/NL), Aubrie Lozier (Ledyard), Hope O'Lari (NFA), Erin Gerboth (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete: Grace Vlaun (East Lyme), Kylie Heard (Fitch/Stonington/NL), Tessa Finnegan (Ledyard), Ling Ng (NFA), Pankhudi Gupta (Waterford).


Sportsmanship: Hannah Dornfried (Bacon Academy), Jaylyn Mueller (East Lyme), Amanda Brehler (Griswold), Sydney Rosen (Killingly), Grace Haydash (Ledyard), Lily Wijaya (Montville), Cheryann Lubin (New London), Kaylee Williams (NFA), Emma Gaudreau (Plainfield), Abby St. Martin (Putnam), Angela Colonis (Waterford), Skyler Morgan (Wheeler), Autumn Stancel (Windham), Annarose Avery (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Ashley Clark (Bacon), Brooklyn Geida (East Lyme), Hannah Lynn (Griswold), Abby Card (Killingly), Natalie Poulton (Ledyard), Maggie Wainwright (Montville), Ana Matos (New London), Ari Gauthier (NFA), Ali Conger (Plainfield), Ewa Sekula (Putnam), Alyssa Briggs (Waterford), Molly Butremovic (Wheeler), Rylee Sfakios (Windham), Leila MacKinnon (Woodstock).


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