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2021 ECC award winners / boys' and girls' cross country

Following is a list of 2021 Eastern Connecticut Conference award winners in boys' and girls' cross country:


Division I

First team: Linsey Arends (Woodstock), Izzy Paggioli (East Lyme), Kenned Holsapple (East Lyme), Aranza Torres (East Lyme), Maya D'Aquila (East Lyme), Julia Coyle (East Lyme), Sydney Sager (East Lyme); Honorable mention: Carah Bruce (Woodstock), Silvia Chen (Fitch), Anna Ricketts (NFA), Sophia Jones (NFA), Lauren Brule (Woodstock), Leah Castle (East Lyme), Sydney Lord (Woodstock), Mannat Kadian (East Lyme), Kayleigh Jensen (East Lyme).

Sportsmanship: Hannah Bergeron (East Lyme), Aliyah Benrose (Fitch), Jenna Pothier (NFA), Sydney Lord (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Mannat Kadian (East Lyme), Elviany Quiroz (Fitch), Anna Ricketts (NFA), Leah Castle (Woodstock).

Division II

First team: Jordan Malloy (Bacon Academy), Clare Inyang (Ledyard), Abigail Maynard (Waterford), Victoria Schweitzer (Ledyard), Madison LaForte (Waterford), Avery Widlicka (Ledyard), Tessa Mathieu (Bacon).

Sportsmanship: Tessa Mathieu (Bacon), Elizabeth Conway (Killingly), Katherine Harren (Ledyard), Aislin Maloney (Stonington), Natalie Lombardi (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete: Brooke Rodgers (Bacon), Elizabeth Conway (Killingly), Claire Inyang (Ledyard), Molly Neale (Stonington), Anne Seltzer (Waterford).

Division III

First team: Maya Suarez (Montville), Helen Blakeslee (Lyman Memorial), Lillian Turner (St. Bernard), Jaisey Galvin (Montville), Kendall Larkin (Griswold), Kristen Goodrich (Lyman), Resia Baran (Windham); Honorable mention: Violet Kunka (St. Bernard).

Sportsmanship: Kendall Larkin (Griswold), Helen Blakeslee (Lyman), Noelle Plantier (Montville), Olivia Busher (St. Bernard), Resia Baran (Windham).

Scholar-athlete: Laila Bakhshalizadeh (Griswold), Kristen Goodrich (Lyman), Kelly Liang (Montville), Maria Proulx (St. Bernard), Resia Baran (Windham).

Division IV

First team: Lucy Smith (Wheeler), Kiera O'Brien (Tourtellotte), Carissa Browne (Wheeler), Rose Tardiff (Wheeler), Rylie Grijalva (Wheeler), Audrey DeFilippo (Tourtellotte), McCayla McCoil (Plainfield), Kiera Korten (Wheeler).

Sportsmanship: McCayla McCoil (Plainfield), Audrey DeFilippo (Tourtellotte), Rose Tardiff (Wheeler).

Scholar-athlete: Kiera O'Brien (Tourtellotte), Lucy Smith (Wheeler).


Division I

First team: Luke Anthony (East Lyme), Ethan Manfredi (NFA), Carson Riley (Fitch), Tyler Crabb (NFA), Ian Hoffman (Woodstock), Brendan Fant (East Lyme), Ben Chidley (Fitch); Honorable mention: Vincente Bastura (Woodstock), Kai Ritz (East Lyme), Christian Menounos (Woodstock), Noah Krishnaswami (East Lyme).

Sportsmanship: Jon Dowd (East Lyme), Viraj Bokhiria (Fitch), Micah Mlyniec (NFA), Vicente Bastura (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Ilyas Syed (East Lyme), Ben Chidley (Fitch), Ethan Manfredi (NFA), Seamus Lippy (Woodstock).

Division II

First team: Ryan Gruczka (Stonington), Ryan Moores (Bacon Academy), Enzo Guarnieri (Waterford), Hayden Baber (Ledyard), Theo Joseph (Waterford), Zaiden Rukstela (Killingly), Zach Gamble (Waterford), Luke Bartlett (Waterford); Honorable mention: Jack Hill (Ledyard).

Sportsmanship: Caleb Arbuckle (Bacon), Zaiden Rukstela (Killingly), Gabe Huff (Ledyard), Chris Odell (Stonington), Theo Joseph (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete: Ryan Moores (Bacon), Zaiden Rukstela (Killingly), Hayden Baber (Ledyard), Jason Morse  (Stonington), Zach Gamble (Waterford).

Division III

First team: Michael Strain (Griswold), Lucas Strain (Griswold), Ranju Iyer (Montville), Grayson LeMay (Lyman Memorial), Jacob Strain (Griswold), Dylan Horkey (Montville), Jack Brehler (Montville).

Sportsmanship: Nathan Moore (Griswold), Hunter Sanchez (Lyman), Logan Moore (Montville), Eddie Dai (St. Bernard), Dimitri Hudak (Windham).

Scholar-athlete: Chancellor Walworth (Griswold), Maxwell Hussey (Lyman), Ethan Thomas (Montville), Geoffrey Siebert (St. Bernard), Bernard Gonzalez Aleluya (Windham).

Division IV

First team: Jack Pothier (Plainfield), Cam Conway (Wheeler), Carson Belisle (Plainfield), Owen Pothier (Plainfield), Trevor Scarchilli (Wheeler), Gabe Frommer (New London), Jackson Santos (Tourtellotte).

Sportsmanship: Gabe Frommer (New London), Carson Belisle (Plainfield), Nathaniel Pearsall (Putnam), Shawn Gauthier (Tourtellotte), Jayson Krysiewicz (Wheeler).

Scholar-athlete: Fabian Villate (New London), Jack Pothier (Plainfield), Ethan Gardner (Putnam), Jackson Santos (Tourtellotte), Michael O'Gara (Wheeler).


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