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2022 ECC award winners / boys' and girls' golf

Following is a list of 2022 Eastern Connecticut Conference boys' and girls' golf award winners:


Division I

First team: Jackson Kramer (Fitch), Nathan McCormack (Fitch), Tyler Moore (East Lyme), Kyle Brennan (Woodstock), Kyle Sikorski (NFA).

Honorable mention: Jack Bucko (East Lyme), Maximilian Weston (NFA).

Sportsmanship: Patrick Kelly (East Lyme), Jack Kramer (Fitch), Constantino Kapilotis (NFA), Don Sousa (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Cannon Dean (East Lyme), Elliot Reese (Fitch), Christopher Dooley (NFA), Davis Simpson (Woodstock).

Division II

First team: Cameron Seiffert (Killingly), Ethan Lackner (Killingly), Harrison Giambattista (Killingly), Brandon Tavares (Stonington), Logan Gagnon (Killingly).

Honorable mention: Cameron O'Connor (Stonington), Owen Lanuza (Waterford).

Sportsmanship: Ryan Claffey (Bacon Academy), Logan Gagnon (Killingly), Drew Johnson (Stonington), Zach Beardsley (Waterford).

Scholar-athlete: Connor Tuttle (Bacon), Matt Card (Killingly), Dylan Flack (Stonington), Andrew Zanghetti (Waterford).

Division III

First team: Morgun Whittaker (Montville), Cameron DeCecco (Montville), Grant Kortfelt (Montville), Tyler Radford (Montville), Liam Cook (Montville).

Honorable mention: Colin Williams (Plainfield), Brody Langlois (Plainfield).

Sportsmanship: Brayden Lee (Griswold), Grant Kortfelt (Montville), Brayden Staskivitch (Plainfield), Eddie Jiminez (Windham/Parish Hill).

Scholar-athlete: Ryan Fasula (Griswold), Tyler Radford (Montville), Logan Caron (Plainfield), Brady Sadowski (Windham/Parish Hill.

Division IV

First team: Kieran Boscoe (Wheeler), James DiNoia (Tourtellotte), Cameron Conway (Wheeler), Gavin Arruda (Wheeler), Brady Sadowski (Wheeler).

Honorable mention: Tyler Signor (Wheeler), Alexander Nachtigall (Tourtellotte).

Sportsmanship: Alexander Nachtigall (Tourtellotte), Gavin Arruda (Wheeler).

Scholar-athlete: James DiNoia (Tourtellotte), Brady Sadowski (Wheeler).


First team: Caitlin Daley (NFA), Sarah Healy (East Lyme), Keira Kotula (NFA), Jillian Marcotte (Woodstock), Molly Plecan (NFA).

Honorable mention: Lily Bottone (Woodstock), Gianna Duckworth (Bacon), Camille Caldredllo (Waterford), Erin O'Farrell (NFA).

Sportsmanship: Olivia Sobota (Bacon), Kayli Johns (East Lyme), Caitley Daley (NFA), Natalie Schenking (Waterford), Shannon Cunniff (Woodstock).

Scholar-athlete: Gianna Duckworth (Bacon), Mary Haburay (East Lyme), Molly Plecan (NFA), Jacqueline Tran (Waterford), Jillian Marcotte (Woodstock).


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