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Zemko Pond Wildlife Management Area

The road takes walkers past Zemko Pond.
The road takes walkers past Zemko Pond.

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Zemko Pond Wildlife Management Area
Town: Salem
Directions: From I-95, take Exit 82 to Route 85 north through Montville and Salem Four Corners (intersection of routes 82 and 85); about a mile past intersection turn right onto Round Hill Road. Entrance to wildlife area is about a mile on the right. Parking in gravel lot.
Where to Park: Gravel lot.
Description: The area includes 464 acres with a pond, fields, early successional woodlands and mixed hardwood forest, wetlands and beaver dams. A dirt road from the left of the parking lot takes visitors on an easy walk past fields, through woodlands to the picturesque pond and across the dam to another wooded area, and eventually to an area that has been logged recently to create young forest habitat for New England cottontail rabbit.
A path to the right of the parking lot leads through large meadows and then through a wooded area to the pond near the dam. The path is overgrown in sections. Another dirt road that begins a short distance past the main entrance passes the north side of the pond near some beaver dams.
Regulations: Dogs on a leash allowed; no horses. Hunting in season allowed.
Amenities: None.
Natural Features: Grasslands and early successional forests are being maintained by the state Department of Environmental Protection's Wildlife Division to preserve habitat for a variety of birds, reptiles, insects and small mammals including the New England cottontail rabbit. Many grassland birds, butterflies, dragonflies or damselflies can be seen in the fields.
Fees: Free.
Owned by: State Department of Environmental Protection
More information: Topographical map (PDF)


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