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Doctor-assisted suicide not about the patient

I would like to add a few reasons of my own for opposing physician-assisted suicide.

I believe that it is contradictory for us as a society to tell at-risk teenagers and veterans suffering from PTSD that suicide is not the solution to their grief and suffering when we turn around and hand a poison pill to those suffering in other ways.

I believe that the push to legalize PAS is not for the benefit of those who are ill. After all, law or no, a person can find a way to end his life if he really wishes it. It's not like the person who takes his own life has to worry about the legal consequences of such an action. No, physician-assisted suicide is to make it legal for family and friends to be complicit in taking the life of their terminally ill loved one.

As I understand, those who choose PAS will have their cause of death listed as their underlying terminal illness, not the poison pill they willfully ingested. Such falsification is designed to avoid nullifying death benefits on insurance policies. It is easy to see where this can be an occasion of temptation and abuse.

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