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Frustrated with delay in accident arrest

On Dec. 18, 2015 Anique Ashraf, a Connecticut College student, was hit and killed on Route 32 in front of the College, in front of the office where I work. The driver left the scene. Anique's untimely death has rocked our college community and we wait for details of what transpired that night.

Since the accident there has been no news of an arrest or update on the case. It has been coldly silent.

On Jan. 7, it was reported that, “Police announced shortly after the hit-and-run that they had identified the driver though no arrests have been made.” How is this possible? Whether this incident was an unfortunate accident does not mitigate the fact that it was a hit and run. Certainly that is is a crime. Someone must be held accountable. Silence leads to much speculation.

There have been three articles reporting that Eversource has fixed lights that don’t work and that there are other safety initiatives in process. There has been a stationary radar speed display near the accident site. None of these things can rectify what happened, nor will they contribute to the safety of anyone crossing this road.

It’s time to report on this case and take real steps to ensure this does not happen again. 

Deborah Brunetti

East Lyme

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