AR-15s don't assault? That's ridiculous!

The letter “Not an assault weapon at all” (Aug. 11), attempted to school a previous letter writer concerning her opinion about assault weapons, notably the AR-15. The attempt to portray that weapon as a kid's toy was outlandish. Some facts:

1. The AR-15 was developed by the U.S. Air Force to replace the M-14.

2. The U.S. Army then commissioned its own new weapon (M-16) using the AR-15 as a prototype.

3. Both weapons are designed for close quarter combat, 250 to 300 meters.

4. They are designed to kill or disable as many people as possible in the shortest period of time.

5. As for hunting deer, the caliber of the bullet really doesn't matter (.223). Both weapons were intentionally designed that way. The key is the exit velocity of 3,000 feet per second and its tumbling nature (resistance of air and gravity). Its impact is devastating.

I served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam and was involved in numerous actions where both AK-47's and M-16's were in use. Anyone who witnessed the horrific and gruesome damage inflicted on a human being hit by the bullets will be haunted by that memory to their last day.

If you need this type of weapon, join the military.

Scott Russotto


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