New London police did their job

Connecticut College student Lee Messier's public apology for impulsively posting untrue allegations of police abuse of authority on his Facebook page should be a lesson all people on social media should take seriously. In this case his posting went viral grabbing attention far beyond his friend network to include the entire mainstream news media who jumped on the story that New London police officers had abused helpless college students.

The truth of the matter was police responded to an active domestic violence call and acted properly within the law and departmental policy. Police are mandated by law to intervene in such cases, among the most dangerous types of calls to respond to. When uniformed officers are on scene they are in charge, not participants and spectators.

Chief Reichard's internal investigation proved Messier's statements were false.

Let the results serve as a valuable lesson that students share responsibility and accountability for their actions. We applaud Chief Reichard for his exhaustive investigation and standing with his officers for doing their jobs. On behalf of the men and women of the New London Police Union we accept Messier's apology and hope he shares this lesson with others.

Chuck Flynn

Vice President of the New London Police Union

New London

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