Needless complexity of utilizing insurance

Having health insurance coverage is a must, having two insurances is a blessing except when the doctor's office refuses to bill both insurance companies and you are left with a large balance. I entered into therapy to help with the loss of my husband. Little did I know when I started to attend sessions that the office policy is to only bill one insurance. I was informed about this policy when I received a bill. I contacted the billing office only to be told they do not bill secondary insurance. I tried to submit to my secondary but was not successful.

When I tried to seek help from the doctor's office, I was turned down. I was told that it is a courtesy for them to bill my primary insurance and because they are a small office they will not bill my secondary.  I now have a large balance and my secondary insurance would have paid at least 80 percent. I was told by the office that if I do not pay this balance it will be reported to the credit bureau.

Now I am not only having to be mindful of my health-care provider but I also now have to bill my own insurance company for payment. Does this make sense to anyone?

Carol Tompkin


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