Injury or not, Conley missing vital meetings

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy issued a budget that is a financial disaster for both Groton and Ledyard and our newly elected state Rep. Christine Conley hasn’t been showing up for work. Let’s not forget what she promised during the campaign; she would make sure that our financial needs are being prioritized by the state. In fact, her attendance has been so poor that her caucus removed two of her three committee assignments effectively giving the 40th District zero representation. 

When Conley was sworn in she was assigned to Judiciary, Planning and Development, and Transportation. Through March 16 she has missed 60 percent of her Judiciary obligations and half of her Transportation obligations. Similar missed meeting percentages exist for Planning and Development too. Now all she has left is Judiciary, which really does nothing for the 40th. 

Unfortunately, Conley was injured in a fall on March 16 which resulted in a broken ankle and she has legitimately missed time in Hartford as a result, but there is no reason or excuse for her absenteeism prior to her fall. Conley, you made the commitment to run for public office, now make the time to be there for us in Hartford.

Christopher Bowen


Editor's note: The Office of the House Speaker told The Day that Conley's injury was largely responsible for her missed meetings and temporary removal from two committees.


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