Phase out legislative pensions

Pensions for elected state officials are a conflict of interest pitting perpetual incumbency and financial reward against the difficult and sometime controversial decisions necessary to sustain long-term fiscal stability “Cut elected officials’ pensions,” (May 16). They cloud judgment and promote quick-fix, short-term solutions which do not jeopardize reelection, particularly as the vestment periods nears, rather than policies that benefit future generations. 

I propose that legislative pensions be phased out with a grandfather clause for those currently serving or collecting pensions. The projected revenue savings should be applied to a more transparent, across-the-board salary increase for all legislators. In addition, to promote a more responsible, long-term legislative vision, those receiving legacy pensions must have state residency. 

Public service is not an ordinary job. For elected officials, it means doing what is right and expecting nothing in return, as Harry Truman would say.

Edward F. Kleinman


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