Hypocrisy in politics

It’s time to step back and truly listen to politicians and their sound bites. President Trump breaks away from Paris Climate Accords, for economic reasons, and state politicians scream about carbon emissions. Then those same politicians in Connecticut turn their back on our largest carbon-free energy producer. Sounds mighty hypocritical to me.

The infrastructure of Waterford was built on Millstone tax revenue. But a few weeks ago the residents of Waterford receive a letter, from our very own first selectman, promoting solar energy. My head still hurts from the shaking and scratching upon reading that mail. The next thing you might hear or read is that politicians want to replace Millstone with a solar farm. Great idea, we can be a tourist attraction to view flying birds on fire. Just do an internet search on solar panels and birds on fire. Aha, hidden facts when politicians want to sway your opinion. Why is it that state Senator Formica fought for legislation to keep Millstone competitive in the energy marketplace and First Selectman Steward is promoting solar energy? It’s time to research all the facts and data and think for ourselves rather than have the media promote what they perceive as our opinions.

George Whiting


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