It's time for term limits in the Senate

I was disappointed to see that, even via osmosis, Sen. Mitch McConnell failed to learn anything from Sen. Harry Reid. It seemed Senator Reid could get his minions to fall into formation with hardly any effort while Senator McConnell seems incapable of getting a quorum. The Democrats made the march of the penguins look like a Missouri jailbreak! I could accept the Republican incompetence if only they would just admit that they, as well as their Democrat colleagues, are fat and happy with the deal they have in the swamp. The only time they would truly have interest in repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act would be if they too were subject to it.

It is way beyond time for term limits. They get elected and start their term by preparing for their next election instead of fulfilling the promises that got them elected in the first place. They may not be bad people but, my God, once they enter the swamp they are forever changed. Senator McConnell’s problem is not dealing with unreasonably high expectations, it is dealing with any expectations at all. I commend Senator McConnell for his efforts regarding Justice Gorsuch. Now retire!

W. Patrick White


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