Settle it with dueling pistols?

I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis well. I think anyone then over the age of 10 would remember it. Very trying times indeed. Thank God we had someone at the head of our country who did not lose his cool but knew how to be strong and negotiate by using non-threatening actions (not weapons of mass destruction) and let Russia save face and get their missiles out of Cuba.

Did we worry? Of course. But we did the right thing. So what do we do about North Korea? Do we threaten to rain fire and brimstone down on them, the likes of which the world has never seen, as our current president boasts? Could this be a nuclear war started by a tweet? Maybe we should give Trump and Kim Jong Un dueling pistols and let them settle it once and for all.

This battle of machismo is between the two of them after all. This is who some of the citizens in our nation voted for to be president last November. Only three and a half years to go, if we're still here to hold another election.

Kenneth Gladd

Old Lyme

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