Mobile park speeders greatly concern reader

Speeding is out of control in Highrock Mobile Home Park in Groton, and it's time for the residents and their visitors to slow down. About 65 percent to 70 percent speed through. That's staggering! The speed limit is clearly posted at the main entrance of the park, but few ever drive close to that speed.

I live on A Street, the main entrance into the park, so I see drivers coming and going. Many forget there are school kids walking through, along with parents, grandparents, relatives, and visitors. There is a blind woman who walks with a white cane through the park. People walk dogs, and I cringe every time I see a cat cross the road, praying it makes it safely across.

So what will it take to wake the residents of our park up? Someone’s loved one being run down and killed? You know kids, they can run out from behind a bush, and if you’re flying through here you couldn't stop in time.

I drive through at 10 mph, 5 under the speed limit. Speeders don't care about you and your family's safety in the park, so don't feel bad taking down their license plate number. And make sure you come to a complete stop at the end of each street.

Ed Victoria


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