President not acting like man he voted for

I voted in the last election but not for this individual. I supported him for the well-being of all America. However this person has consistently attacked our nation’s framework. His vitriolic attacks on most all ethnic groups are an embarrassment to all America.

It is imperative that Congress formally censure this man. Censure is merely a slap on the wrist for someone who may deserve more. It will serve as a permanent historical record for everyone to read in the future. It will show all what this country will not stand for!

We need to show the entire world what we are supposed to stand for. Censure will give us a bonus. We will know which elected officials are representatives of our country or just trying to be re-elected.

This man has no moral compass, is narcissistic and has no idea how to conduct himself. He also has little, if any knowledge of our Constitution. Are we really sure he is our president?

Bill Culotta

Old Lyme

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