Columbus statue should go, honor local figures

New London needs new heroes; ones who represent peace and freedom, who served this country to make it a better place for all. Christopher Columbus represents genocide and now, during our country's current climate, is the perfect time to topple symbols of hate, such as the Columbo statue on Bank Street. Columbus did not discover a new world.

This land was already inhabited by millions who were slaughtered by the hands of colonists like Columbus. Evidence shows he wasn't even the first European to land on these shores. New London should stand in solidarity and love in this country, while protesting against hate, such as we saw in Charlottesville. I propose a petition to remove this statue. This isn't an erasure of history. This is a call for accurate historical representation and removal of symbols of Native American genocide.

In its place we can honor those who have contributed to the benefit of our country and our beautiful city of New London.

Who could we celebrate? How about Eugene O'Neill, our local and favorite playwright? Or Augustus Brandegee, an abolitionist who was elected mayor of New London in 1871? There's also Abisha Woodword, the architect of our beloved New London Harbor Lighthouse. New London offers a rich history of role models we can celebrate.

Megara Sanderson de Abreu


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