Nuclear power is the best near-term energy source

I like to buy local. I like to reduce greenhouse gases. I like the idea of retaining good jobs in New London County. I am uncomfortable with the fracking process.

For these reasons, I get disheartened with the possibility of Millstone Power Station closing. This seems like it might become a reality because of our governor’s negative attitude toward Millstone in general, and his insistence on receiving proprietary information from Dominion Energy Inc. Does he ask the same of other energy suppliers or other companies working in the state?

Millstone currently produces 57 percent of Connecticut’s electricity (US EIA, 5/17). I assume, as with other nuclear plant closures, that its energy will be mostly replaced by natural gas, which now supplies 38 percent of our electricity. Therefore, if Millstone closes, an overwhelming majority of our electricity will come from a fossil fuel; further increasing greenhouse gases, fracking, pipeline building, and pollution of our air.

I hope that use of renewable sources continues to increase from its current 5 percent level. But in the near term, nuclear power is the best alternative for base-load electricity, both economically and environmentally. This is especially true when the plant is already built and is so close to home.

Dan McDonnell

New London

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