Groton farmer's market in tune with nature

My hat goes off to those who are responsible for Groton's wonderful farmer's market that takes place every Tuesday afternoon. Much appreciation to our former mayor and our new mayor as well as city officials and all of those who were instrumental in getting it off the ground, and also for their continued support. I cannot think of a better use for Washington Park than to bring a field of greens, local produce and other goods to the community. There is nothing better than going to an outdoor market and getting local produce, listening to music, coming home and preparing it the same day. That is summer in the city at its best. 

We should cherish our open space, trees and farms that contribute so much to our environment and physical wellbeing. When we witness the flooding and devastation in Texas, it becomes more important that we pay close attention to preserving and sustaining our natural resources. Flooding may eventually come our way. So I hope that we all do whatever we can to give assistance to those affected by disaster in Texas and pay closer attention to our environmental practices here in our community and state. Our lives may depend on it. 

Beverly Herbert


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