'There's only one race, the human race'

Is the media feeding the fascist fire? The AP article, "White Christians now a minority," (Sept. 7), could be. According to the article, white Christians in the United States are below 50 percent from immigration and a decline in membership amongst organized religion.

Catholics, who are declining, generally are not white nationals, but Protestant religions are decreasing also. The article should have spoken more about how throughout the world organized religion is declining and not within the white race only. Rachel Zoll's commentary failed to show this bigger picture and in doing so, hinted towards racial fascism.

Recently an American teacher removed students from class for wearing clothing with pro-Trump slogans. Because of the Charlottesville tragedy a fascist fear has settled on the nation. The United States is a melting pot for everyone and until the world realizes that there's only one race, the human race, the media must be careful what and how they report, or it could help to ignite radical outbursts.

The U.S. has no room for fascists and politics has no room in the classroom, unless it's being studied. 

Steven A. Birt


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