Finizio helped veteran suffering from PTSD

The Day's article about ex-Mayor Daryl Finizio's September 11 memoir was incisively profound, particularly concerning his courageously candid expounding on his supervening PTSD. However, it omitted Finizio augmenting his recovery efforts via his intense dedication to citizen service, i.e., providing committed legal representation at token rates for criminal defendants, residential investment in New London's roughest neighborhood, articulately concise letters evaluating public interest matters, providing boxing instruction to unsettled youth and his myriad philantrhopic contributions.

I've personally benefitted from most of his virtues enumerated above, but my best reward derived from his empathy for his afflicted peers. I went through 14 Veterans Administration psychiatrists with my certified PTSD, compounded by concussive pugilistic dementia. A fellow former boxer, Finizio repeatedly and patiently reminded me that when life clobbers us to the canvas we must do whatever is necessary to climb back up and fight, lest we slowly fade into oblivion.

Finizio's inveterate solicitude is obviously his primary coping vehicle. Marijuana may be his medication, but compassion is his panacea and the source of the enlightening inspiration he ignites in others. All New Londoners, regardless of their personal philosophies, are fortunate to count him among their number.

Martin Crane

New London

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