Coast Guard Museum has parking problem, move to Fort Trumbull

For those with no experience in the management of building site locations, the new Coast Guard Museum in New London, offered behind the existing railroad station, plies on one’s gut feelings.

After the required site test borings are complete, studied and calculations for the structure are ordained, the building process will begin. Look at what they did in New York City (in a daunting location) after 911 with their majestic high-rise and solemn museum.

Just getting to the new Coast Guard Museum has to be considered by the museums established hierarchy. We took the jet boat to visit Block Island for a day. The parking lot on the ferry grounds was full and we were directed across the street to the city garage. All the levels were also nearly full. Luckily we found the last few top-level parking spots.

There must be more forethought before the museum opens its doors so venturers to the ferry slip and museum goers will have places to park.

During the 1864 Civil War Battle of Mobile Bay, Admiral Farragut once said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

So, damn the lack of parking?

We took in the fabulous Coast Guard Concert on Labor Day at Fort Trumbull. The pall of eminent domain did not interfere with the beautiful music event. Imagine easy access to the new Coast Guard Museum at Fort Trumbull, with concerts to boot.

William C. Bucko Sr.


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