Jude Read would respect the rules in Old Lyme

Old Lyme Town Ordinance 20-8 states: “The responsibility for the management, control and development of the town’s recreational facilities and expenditures made in connection therewith is vested in a Parks and Recreation Commission” (PRC). Thus, PRC requested it review and approve plans proposed by the Boathouse Committee (BHPIC), as it had for the original Boathouse in 1987 and all three phases of Town Woods Park. PRC supported the original plan to upgrade the existing Boathouse submitted with the $478,000 STEAP grant, but expressed objections to BHPIC plans involving an additional $405,000 in town funds.

First Selectwoman Bonnie Reemsnyder decided to overrule 20-8, and instructed the town attorney to justify her decision. That factually inaccurate justification was unambiguously refuted by a highly respected local attorney. Reemsnyder continued to overrule PRC concerns about BHPIC plans and likely cost overruns. The result: the Boathouse phase is more than $175,000 over the budget presented to the town in January 2016, and still not finished.

We need an experienced leader who respects important checks and balances, and will restore governmental and fiscal responsibility to Old Lyme. Please elect Jude Read first selectwoman.

Bob Dunn

Chair, Old Lyme Parks & Recreaction Commission; Former chair, Town Woods Park Building Committee

Old Lyme

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