Rags was a relief from 'editorial drivel'

Just wanted to inject a note of joy into an otherwise political, whiny landscape: My wife and I, and two friends, attended the Goodspeed Opera House presentation of “Rags,” Oct. 11. It was easily the best of season, even surpassing the excellent “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and “Oklahoma” musicals earlier in the summer.

One of our friends, who normally doesn't care much for musicals, finally admitted: "I may have just changed my mind." 

A sequel to the venerable “Fiddler on the Roof,” every facet of the show was superb. The acting, singing, orchestra – and even the dynamic set contributed to a wonderful evening. Kudos to Goodspeed for taking on this recently revised story of early 1900s' immigrants in America and their trials and triumphs. 

Yes, it certainly rhymes with contemporary issues as immigration opponents cry, "Take our country back!" even as sweatshop owners used the newcomers as "grease" for their nefarious ends. Try listening to the lovely song, "Three Sunny Rooms" without choking up just a little. Fantastic. Relevant. 

I shall now return you to your regular diet of editorial drivel. 

Bob Salen

East Lyme

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