Finding common ground in the gun debate

First, we must recognize that the senseless murder of ourselves by gun violence is unacceptable. That change is necessary. Next, we must acknowledge that the Second Amendment will not be repealed, that it is the law of our land, equal to but not above the First Amendment. In between is the common ground, where compromise lives, and it is vast.

There, if we block out the loud voices of special interests, if we talk, not past, but with each other, if we engage in thoughtful debate rooted in common sense and common cause, the solutions will reveal themselves.

A couple of tenets to consider: guns are not inherently bad; and gun control does not inherently infringe the Second Amendment.

Are we ready to find the common ground? If our gut response to an opposing opinion begins with "but," then perhaps we are not ready to go there. Perhaps we are hearing but not listening. The common ground is for listeners. To all comers, bring open ears, open minds, and open hearts ... and no “buts.” 

Ray Greene


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