Little courage to be found in Republican Congress

Many of us remember a time when we learned to use the typewriter by repeatedly writing, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." That sentence, with a slight change from party to country, could not be more prescient than it is today. We have recently witnessed three Republican senators giving up because of the coarseness and lack of ethics in the White House, and what it is doing to the country and the Constitution. What brave remarks! However, these men are all retiring from office-seeking. That makes truth telling far easier! 

And what of their fellow Republicans, who know the truth also, but continue to be in lock step with President Trump, appalling as he is? Not one followed their lead. Certainly, being in Congress is a wonderful position, frequent vacations that add up to a half-year, excellent healthcare unavailable to the rest of us, and if they are really obedient, largesse from the NRA. 

It is apparently too difficult to give these “goodies” up, and exercise some integrity. Where are the good men and women ready to come to the aid of their country? Sadly, they are not on the horizon in the Republican Party.

Bernice Krantz


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