One-sided article on shellfish plan

I am very disappointed and surprised that The Day did not take the time to interview the Waterford Harbor Commission members or cite their publicly available findings prior to writing such a one-sided article, “Not in my River”, October 29. The Day’s article sounded like a marketing piece in favor of Londregan’s proposed project and referred to anyone opposing the project as “they,” but failed to present any of the facts on which “they” base opposition to the proposed project.

Some facts not included:

  • The project utilizes over 6 acres of the Niantic River for Londregan’s profit;
  • The proposed site is located adjacent to the busiest state boat ramp in Connecticut, already overly crowded with boats and traffic on most days;
  • WELSCO issued a lease without apparently having the authority nor issuing proper public notice;
  • The proposed project is in violation of the East Lyme Shellfish Plan and Waterford Harbor Management Plan, which existed long before this project;
  • Numerous other sites have been identified on the river, five of which, I believe, are better suited for this project.

I and most of your readers, I am sure, expect The Day to write objective articles that present all sides of any particular subject. 

William L. McNulty




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