Spend like Georgia, stop Connecticut exodus

I have discovered some facts about our state budget that I believe are troubling. According to information I found on Wikipedia, the state of Georgia is almost 10-times the size of Connecticut and has a population of almost 9.7 million. That compares to about 3.6 million in Connecticut, and I believe that number may decrease.

Georgia has an annual state budget of $23.7 billion. Connecticut's is anticipated to be about $20 billion. Also, according to the ASCE Infrastructure Report, Connecticut receives a D-plus grade and Georgia a C on its infrastructure's present state.

Please take time to reread the above facts. In my opinion, the unions and special interests dictate where our money goes and if the private sector does not act quickly this once beloved state is heading for part of that decaying infrastructure − the Sewer. If you care for the future of this state, please do what I believe to be a fiscally sound action. In the future, do not re-elect any state legislator who supported this bloated budget.

Peter Newbury


Editor's note: In making comparisons, we note that Georgia has a strong county government that collects taxes, oversees elections, conducts courts of law, maintains roads, and provides other services that in Connecticut are provided and paid for by the state. Connecticut has no county government or taxation.


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