Also add better lighting, signs on dangerous stretch of I-95

Kudos for Connecticut State Police attempts on the Old Lyme/East Lyme accident-prone stretch of I-95. But Connecticut Department of Transportation has to do more. 

Say you’re a nighttime driver new to this road traveling north over the four-lane Baldwin Bridge with full breakdown shoulders on both sides and lights galore. The four lanes merge to three, quickly to two, and then the problem — the road enters an unexpected curve while simultaneously losing break down lanes and overhead lighting, all at 65 mph. For Joey Lagano − no problem. For a mortal — potential disaster. 

Road widening must wait. But more can be done immediately. Overhead lighting is a must where the lanes go dark and one gains the curve. Reflectors in the new median Jersey barriers would also help. Finally, aggressive warning signs are required. Before the Baldwin Bridge, install a large, blinking sign across the interstate that reads, “Dangerous Highway Ahead. 50 MPH Speed Limit. AND THIS MEANS YOU!” Below the message, a flashing red index finger pointing down to drivers. Ditto before entering the Exit 74-75 area. 

Department of Transportation, save southeastern Connecticut from repeated heartaches and death. Overhead lights, barrier reflectors, and ominous yet playful signage, please.

Dr. Robert A. Linden

East Lyme

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