Republican 'Christmas gift' is worse than a lump of coal

President Donald Trump and the wealthy Republicans that we’ve elected to represent us just passed a tax bill that benefits (surprise!) themselves, corporations, and their billionaire donors. Sure, the “forgotten man” who elected Trump will get a tax break next year (the extra $3 a day for a single guy making $30,000 will definitely rock his world!), but he’ll need it to pay his higher Trumpcare insurance premium.

Unfortunately, his Republican “Christmas present” expires in eight years, after which his taxes will actually go up. Sure, a future Congress could extend his tax cut, but that would add even more to the red ink his grandchildren will inherit (currently $63,000 each).

Republicans claim their tax cuts for the rich will stimulate our economy and trickle down to workers. Most economists disagree. Just look at how the George W. Bush tax cuts and the Kansas “experiment” worked out. Many CEOs have openly admitted they will use their windfall to reward their investors and buy back stock, not hire more workers or raise salaries.

And get ready for Republicans to use their newly increased deficit to justify cuts to our social safety net: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc.

Merry Christmas y’all!

Scott MacDonald


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