In Groton, no need to replace with budget votes a system that's working

The Groton right to vote group is courting a petition to force a public referendum on Charter Revision and the annual budget. Groton has benefited with smart professional leaders on town agencies. They have no conspiracy to be spendthrifts since their job relies on whatever tax money becomes available. Nor do they have a fairy godmother to shower them with gold when public financing is not forthcoming. Their best estimates of the cost of the services the taxpayers have depended on for schools, roads, policing etc., go to their friends and neighbors − the elected representatives on the Town Council and RTM, who also spend many hours trying to save money.

Do they all work equally hard? Perhaps not, but work they do and they have no magic wand to find free gold. If a public referendum ensues and reduces the budget, at the end of the day the voters pat themselves on the back as having done their civic duty with no accountability for the fallout. In the following year, our elected representatives, town manager and board chairperson have a perfect answer when a voter complains about personnel layoffs or unpaved roads; don't call me, you voted for it!

Neil Spillane


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