Groton RTM needs to be dropped

The Groton RTM was established to supposedly represent the citizens in each political district. In my experience since 1980, this rarely occurs. The only time RTM reps reach out to constituents is at election time. Therefore, I've had more effective results by simply addressing the Town Council directly by email or in public televised comment sessions. 

By my observation, RTM members seem to have their own agendas. I recently tried to email one of their leaders and my email was quickly returned ("timed out") by the receiver. I found out later that the email address was actually at this person's place of employment because he didn't want to be bothered at home by any constituents’ emails. True story! So much for representation. 

I want to vote directly on town budgets with competent people overseeing finances. I consider myself well informed by watching Town Council meetings and reading the newspaper on a regular basis. I don't want my opinions buried in a redundant, outdated RTM system that really doesn't represent my feelings, much less encourage my participation. 

I therefore encourage Groton voters to support petitions being circulated by "Groton's Right to Vote." 

Ed Johnson


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