It should be Groton's right to vote

As a City and Town of Groton taxpayer and resident voter I am not satisfied with the fact that I, along with 19,000 others, are not allowed to vote on a Town of Groton budget referendum. 80 percent of my tax dollars are spent in the Town of Groton and I have no say at all on how those dollars are spent. I have found that the vast majority of voters in Groton that I spoke with feel the same way.

Government officials want our tax dollars but they do not want to give us our vote. We want our vote! It is critical to the financial future of Groton that we get control of overspending and waste in our local government. We will face the same devastating debt that we have on the state level if we do not act.

The Citizens Petition circulating now will ensure all voters have a final say on a townwide budget referendum. It is important and the time is now that the voters be given an opportunity to participate. Deadline for signatures is January 12. Please sign the petition for Groton's financial security, not just for yourselves, but for your children and grandchildren's futures.

Jay Dempsey

Former city councilor


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