Preserve Groton RTM, it works for citizens

Ed Johnson’s letter “Groton RTM needs to be dropped” (Dec. 30), appealing for the charter revision that would make the RTM obsolete and have "competent people overseeing finances," clearly does not know the background of each of the 41 RTM members. Further, our December RTM meeting ran three hours long.

It would be unreasonable to expect each citizen of Groton to devote the kind of time, effort, and energy needed to fully understand not only the town budget (over 25 pages long), but town government processes. The RTM came from the idea of electing citizens to help understand the process so not everyone has to.

Johnson pointed out the difficulty in contacting the RTM through email and accused members of reaching out to constituents only at election time. As a new member of the RTM for District 7 (Noank, Groton Long Point, Mystic, Bel Aire), I enjoy stopping and speaking to neighbors throughout the district on my morning runs. My personal email address is listed on the Groton RTM website (, and I welcome opinions on the budget or any agenda item.

I vote with my district's interests in mind. I love and believe in my community.

Nancy Mello Miller


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