Don't railroad Nott, a good New London officer and great person

New London police Officer Deana Nott is an outstanding person of integrity, honesty, and character. She is an exemplary police officer. Here we have these cowards in Hartford trying to railroad her (with an assault charge). Deana can match up with any officer, male or female.

The next time you are in a situation like this with a criminal who is kicking and spitting in your face, you could be the police officer being shafted. What would the prosecuter in Hartford do if someone spit a big yellow glob on his nose? Are the politicians in New London hiding under their desks? Some of them know her personally and are hiding instead of trying to stop this dishonest approach to a minor incident.

Deana coached girls in Waterford sports passing on character. When children were without parents she would take them home and take care of them until the parents were available. I am sure Day columnist David Collins could find many more wonderful stories about Nott if he looked. Let’s hope the judge has more common sense and accepts the New London Police Department’s action as suitable for the situation. Don’t continue character assassination of Officer Nott and her family.

Melvin Olsson


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