Empty Mystic Seaport for political correctness?

The Mystic Seaport should be applauded for the bold steps taken in ensuring that guests enjoy a safe and non-threatening visit. The Seaport's actions in finally removing the “cigar store Indian” from in front of the general store and the “cut-out” figure across from the Members Center show its commitment to displaying exhibits of a non-offensive nature.

The cut-out figure was a reproduction of an early 20th Century soap advertisement depicting a woman bathing a child. What was pointed out, and which the museum, to its credit, acted on immediately, was that advertisements of that nature could be deemed racist, as the subjects were “white.” And of course the removal of the so-called Indian, needs no explanation.

The museum, however, must go further. Ships are prominently exhibited. It is a well-documented fact that ships were once used to carry slaves. Therefore, viewing ships could be deemed offensive. Such exhibits must be removed immediately, as should the very name of the Seaport — Museum of "Ships" and the Sea.

I'm sure, upon removing anything that might be deemed offensive to anyone, the museum (renamed possibly as that of “Non-offensive Objects?”) could offer visitors an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Stuart Reininger

West Mystic

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