Happy to see young people speaking their minds

Years ago, as a longtime member of Ledyard's Board of Education, I did everything I could to encourage our high school students to become active in local politics by having them attend board, council and other agency meetings. It exposed them to how things work on a local level.

It gives me great pride and hope in our young people to see the self-motivation on the part of the Parkland, Florida students to become involved in activism. Some organizations have the power of a well-funded lobby, but others have only their number and their voices.

They are learning that they can't give up after one try with their local legislature. They must persevere. It matters not what is the cause about which they are passionate.

We saw it locally with eminent domain, small local voices can make it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Sometimes the voices of youth are stronger than those of adults. I give them praise for their courage in taking action to make change happen. Wheels turn slowly, sometimes greased only by the money of powerful lobbyists. Other times it takes years of impassioned pleas to turn the wheels. I hope they don't give up their fight and that they will run for office themselves someday.

Kathleen Pagani


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