Overwrought reporting helps Russian meddling

First, I would like to commend the coverage of the domestic terrorist activity at Middlesex Hospital. There was no front page attention getting, emotional headline. The coverage was on an inside page. It was accurate and completely informative. This serious event was kept in perspective.

However, how untypical was this of the usual print, television and social media (including letters to the press). Unfortunately all we find there are attention seeking, one sided and most often semi-accurate reportage and communication. Both the Left and the Right are guilty of this.

There is no doubt that Russia is undertaking a strong effort to undermine the democratic systems of the West as is being demonstrated in the investigations going on in Washington. How much of our undisciplined communication is actually helping the Russians? How much is actually written by a Russian, or a Russian sympathizer?

Having served on the border of West and East Germany at the beginning of the Cold war I well know to, "Look out! You never know where a Ruskie is going to pop up next."

William Clark


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