How about investigating lousy hospital care?

David Collins' continuing "Landmarks" investigation, the Feb. 28 Norwich Public Utilities harassment "settlement" (hopefully continuing to a proper outcome), and your CMEEC Churchill Downs reporting are, in themselves, worthy reasons for subscribing to The Day, with all the other "main" features considered bonuses. I will continue to subscribe.

Speaking of investigations, in January, I spent two nights in "no-name" hospital, a quite unsatisfactory experience (in my opinion, I was worse at discharge than at entry, but couldn't wait to get out to recover).

In response to my in-hospital complaints, I received a totally self-serving "boiler plate" letter from the head nurse on my floor thanking me for my candid comments and how they would lead to future better experiences for patients, etc., etc. and absolving themselves of any errors. They were, essentially, "defense attorney, judge, and jury" with no input from witnesses, including me.

In response, and having reached the head nurse's message machine, I offered, "Received your letter. I do not know who wrote it and I hope it was not you. The letter is merely 'boiler plate,' patronizing, and insulting to me personally ..."

Mr. Collins' next mission, should he choose to take it, could be in this direction.

George Anderson

Old Lyme

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