Comprehensive treatment needed to save New London from sober houses

The article, “Grappling with how to improve safety at sober homes,” (March 1), on the piecemeal approach of so-called "sober houses" shows that more often than not, such locations have neither the management nor the capital needed to successfully treat those with a chemical addiction. 

To rely on a voluntary effort at registration and compliance with minimal standards is like having a voluntary income tax; totally ineffective. No rules, no enforcement. Imagine the change taking place on a block of private homes if two, three or more sober houses cropped up? 

Accordingly, there are over 60 such houses operating in New London with more coming as the tipping scale further dips to one extreme. 

If the lack of any zoning and building compliance continues, you will see once solid owner-occupied blocks disappear in New London as the number of those in need reaches a majority and the bill-paying families that were the community's bedrock have moved elsewhere. 

Gov.Dannel P. Malloy, we don't need another park at Seaside. We need a comprehensive treatment center.

William Morse

New London

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