Plan to fortify shoreline against climate change makes sense

Protect our shorelines. The recent northeast storm and shoreline damage reminds us that temperatures and oceans are still rising. 

On March 3, at New London's Custom House Museum, speaker Kevin Blacker of Noank spoke on "Farming Rocks, a Pathway for stability for Connecticut and beyond." He holds a degree in Soil Science, raises livestock in North Stonington and helps manage a landscaping business in Noank. His experience also covers ecology, forestry, wetlands, conservation, and farming. 

Blacker proposes having farmers sell boulders to delivery contractors for shore protection, creating a new and profitable industry. A revision of coastal regulations could facilitate fortifying shore properties. Insurance underwriters could provide premium reductions while the state offers grant incentives. 

Long-term temperature stabilization requires further study as Blacker feels proper energy sources still have not yet been developed and should be encouraged. Common sense dictates that if we can land men on the moon and a spacecraft on Mars, we should try to save our planet. 

Kevin Blacker is encouraging us to open that door now. 

Ed Johnson


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